неактуально Looking for specialist for Installation Service and extras


Im looking for a specialist who will install torrentpier (latest) for me, configure ,optimize and secure it, make it stable and working with external trackers mod. (on a VPS which I will provide).
Im looking for an fully english install.
I need it to be working on Nginx+php-fpm (no apache).
Looking also to install various mods (the developer will suggest which ones) to make the website confortable to use.
Im looking also for any english and public torrent sites parser (which I will need to be configured and fully working).

Looking forward for talented developers who will contact me and take the job.
Further discussion in skype about the prices, etc.

English and delivery in time is essential.
The developer who will take the job, will be contacted for future jobs on the website, so its an opportunity for a long relationship.

skype: god.of.aden