TorrentPier LTS. Версия 2.1.5-2024.02 [Final v2]


TorrentPier LTS. Версия 2.1.5-2024.02 [Final v2]



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Основные изменения:
  • Release v2.1.5-2024.02 🎉
  • Added Fastly CDN support
  • Some improvements in default template
  • Fixed void function result used
  • Feature to ban specific torrent clients
  • Get SERVER_NAME variable for cron tasks
  • Improved handling errors while uploading
  • Hide vote button in poll if user already voted
  • Fixed Undefined index: to_id when trying to delete empty forum category
  • Fixed HTTP 500 while cron running in server-side
  • Fixed auth(): empty $f_access
  • Fixed broken captcha check on login.php
  • Fixed broken sorting in group.php
  • Fixed extensions issue
  • Restored unused functionality "Block torrent editing with certain status"
  • Some fixes for Thumbnails functionality
  • Some fixes for Ban functionality
  • Some enhancements for dl.php
  • Some other changes / improvements
  • Some reported bugfixes
  • Updated translations
Для обновления на версию необходимо выполнить следующие запросы к базе данных:
DELETE FROM `bb_extensions` WHERE `extension` = 'tga';
DELETE FROM `bb_extensions` WHERE `extension` = 'tif';
DELETE FROM `bb_extensions` WHERE `extension` = 'tiff';


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